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Version 195

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KoLBot is a Perl class that alows interaction with the MMORPG The Kingdom of Loathing.


Future features under consideration

How can you help?


blackbeltduck: overhauled chatbot's food and drink info database

TavernWench: suggested chatbot's ascension planner

HardcoreDiscoBabe: suggested Old School mode

Faerador: additional riddles for chatbot.

Inari: various clever and fun responses for chatbot's chatting.

Martavius: a truly astonishing range of items, including one I'd never seen before, and many of them valuable. And he thought he was just cleaning out his closet!

Galindorf: riddles for chatbot's riddle project. Also a kick ass drawing of chatbot!

Raging Ravioli and Kismet: providing the familiars and their items, thus motivating the code to do something with them! Also, jonbly for the GPoaS. And Apocalypse Throb for chatbot's first familiar-of-the-month, a Personal Raincloud!

Kismet: donations that allowed the new broad range of delectables from chatbot's treat functionallity. NEW: Plus a great selection of pasta!

nvx: radio history functionality.

kc7zzv: numeous suggestions for chefbot that have trickled into the main codebase! An active developer thing is you!

BoozerBear: recognition in the form of my lovely backpack. Thanks muchly!

cfm: rollover countdown suggestion

Cessna/cfm: roll functionality for random numbers, both concept and debugging.

Thiefy McPolkatanzer: Idea for chatbots radio subscribe feature, which allows automatic notification of what song is playing.

cjc343: contribution of a lot of knowledge of the geography of loathing, an encyclopaediabot makes he, tons of bizzare behavior reports, toast, meat, bloody beer, lots of other things.

Trog Dor, FallenAngel1, Chloe Zane, Kismet, ChaosSonikku, FightABunny24531, Lord Jyskal: hatbot fans all, contributions to chatbot's wardrobe.

Trog Dor: motivating chefbot, providing a sauceror to cook for the public demo, and enabling chefbot to mix drinks for the people of KoL, as well as two pairs of pants in recognition of this (Dungeoneer's Dungarees and demonskin trousers).

Olaf the Trampler for suggesting chatbot help people get around the temporary glitches in the offer system.

Cassandra7: selection of classic and modern haiku.

pimonkey, cjc343, LunaSantin, killdog deathwad, knickknack, Sunne of Khorne: response for questions about areas, items, and the concepts of loathing.

Radio KOL: many mentions on the air, supplies for chatbot's radio interface!

Cassandra7, chewbecca, ResidentAlien, Thyrwyn, Olaf the Trampler, EveryOtherNameHasBeenTaken, eelisa, TheHornedWater, Miss Unbelievable, Loathario, Capt_Itchynutz, Free Arsenal, Katherine, Accordian Buffs, Charbroiled, Wolfe, balam, Duckles72, Puffoluffagus, John Shaft, hanuman, CrispyCritters, Weegie the Rogue, Kaiser Sozette, HoLyDeViLGaL, Olaf the Trampler, Mookie, MickelPickel, theitsybitsyspider, Reaper812, One more useful thing, Chloe Zane, TennisPL, sickbacchus, Kismet, Vidalia, FallenAngel1, Goddess, Remby, The Dork Cheese, jonbly, Pyre9, Rotter, GoddessGoddess, Jennyness, Havanor, PhoenixTPI, countermaster, amyameretta, Killdog Deathwad, myuuminator, tdlsaint, zelan, ChaosSonniku, greyfuneral, grendel, Musteval, oodleook, Mr Skullhead, Jack the Sniper, skippythegator, emphalerfish, skyline69, Craig Brooks1, harml3ss, randhir, antipilor, Der Zilla, Werebears Secret Love Slave, Faustus Pringle, bookcat, Club, sweet_irene, c_wraith, duckyfresh, Bellytor, RevealedTanline, Feared Al Yankovic, Faustus Pringle, Prima Vera Angelhair, groovypurks, Wendella, Martavius, PrincessCurly, Neanderthal, Flippy, Marshall, Plonker, devstorm, pinkknickers, Chef Nikola, inari, HoLyDeViLGaL, Richthofen, KendricksRedtail, cyberdave, SagerThanYou, mindblank, Julia the Weird, sylph, KaiMaru, Chedawan, snik, Galindorf, HasyLumbago, Nhoj, ten ten, Jezebelle, Devstorm, LOMHawkeye, not_a_loser_like_you, Aaron5309, o_O, knickknack, Lacuna, squalls101, Steallyn, Wildblood, Sealyn, canadaisfun, TheYoda, Bragi, El Pirateo, Bandilyn, bicsta, DaPunisher, CentilAbis, Deatvert, Oyster on a Half Shell, ladydoma, crazed kid, sticky nutz, GalahadPC, Betrayer, Winston Churchill, stringbeans, Johnatton, Jacka18l, Havoc Jack, Lookit this turtle I tamed, Pawn Sacrifice, Rathnar, PansyBoy, ShadowsLight, I Worship Jick, ThunderSource, Anthy, Bete Noir, Tribond, BostonCreme, MsCoates, Aprocalypse, slackerninja, bashy, le dude, mr bojangles, balex2290, TheGiftFairy, Call Me M, AtlanticCity, Bowser, okbye, Alfredo the White, GimpGuru, Zithras, Naked Plaything, Fruity Vuish, McFarter, sassylassy, Scrumptious Dood, CookieBaker, Macnchz, ThaBeave, LoafingOaf, BunnyBabs, JKD, Spamurai, Squishyguy, PumkinEveOS, Meggery, groovypurks, Bernrd, Call me M, keli, Elven_Princess, Boofalo, CheWBB, Sidrock, Arbitrage, Utanlaael, BrightEagle, IcyFear, Ultimationismist, Forsythe, Lady Auron, Azkal, BloodyStupidJohnson, SpicedxxCider, Kiki Wong, Cacofonix, AubriAnne, IllyaKuryakin, DarkBoogie, skipperic, Punchessa, n00beast, che, Strangerer, GospelGeek, Glomerulonephritis, Meggery, CtAudiGrl, Wormwood, Fab, Christineressiatulanie, EXPLODEDman, Shorty_Scooby, Zuzubeee, Dunkelheit, Hotpasta, Karsey, Dave of the Hill People, Turetel, Hubert Rawlinson, Scarface80, royals14, Christineressiatulanie, Chef Boudreaux, KidMissile, NessTormented, Ribskinski, Grizzam, ligarzeroyaiger, orgasmatronicon, sissylyne, wends, oranges, Thursday Next, Diggy800, n00beast, oranges, Contrickster, Imgunnapvp Youwithmypasta, Hubert Rawlinson, Frankenfurter, Noodlelicious, imthebigchief, Saucy Lady, Pinkysgod, Asschen Sukar, bluespacething, MontyPythn, Mme_Defarge, TurtlyTango, blowme911, TLC Blackie, Lady of Spain, Brynwyn, Seiji Monamura, VileDeacon, Anno Domini, dylan clebold, Dickov22, Ryet_2, ruby, Nameless1, TavernWench, ScoutOwl, TinyZu, Christoph, Feed The Newbs, d2theizzo16, Grither, rjxshadow2, shroomchick85, SaZZa, Gorloth, Soulful Joe, m0ng010id, Dr_Obvious, d2theizzo16, clunedog, Saskia, quAggie, Marino2, blind bandit, PumpkinEve, JOBOX, Light Peasant, paChinKoid, Shockwave, JRSiebz, neKO_CHan314, UglyPanda, BloodyStupidJohnson, Christoph, Starkmoon, CheeseCorn, blackbeltduck, RazorBladeBoot, Isaaru, Kuttelhut, angry lobster, Zinnia, simplicity623, Scientific, LadyDelilah, braindancer, tomandtish, Rutabega, CMeister2, BananaBreadMuffin, Miles2, iSerine, KaosFreak, Complete_Works, ExAcademic, Dr_Oblvious: meat, items, and/or debugging support

The KoL Bot Development Group including Muzzy, Fusilliban, and Pachelbel for providing insightful conversations and code sharing.

The Emoticons: a clan channel.

rav the oli is responsible for suggesting "hatbot."

Martavius is responsible for suggesting "catbot."


Contact Fnord7 in game, or on the asymmetric.net forums, or mail kolbot at brandybuck period see oh emm.